Parking Information

Parking Spaces

  • Public: 323
  • Car Rentals: 60
  • Staff: 290

Parking Rates

  • 1st Rate: $1 per Half-hour
    for the first 8 hours
    max $16.00
  • 2nd Rate: $1 per 2-hour
    for the 9th hour until the 24th hour
    max $8.00
  • Daily Rate: $24
    per 24 hours
  • Weekly Rate: $120
    5 consecutive days is
    considered a week; 5 x $24

Parking Information

SXM Airport has separate ample parking space for the public, car rentals, tour buses and employees. Vehicles are prohibited from parking in the pick-up, drop-off areas immediately outside the Terminal Building, which boasts a dedicated Taxi lane. Vehicles that violate this prohibition are towed away at the expense of the owners.

The public parking area has a capacity of 323 vehicles. Users receive a ticket, generated automatically when they access the parking lot, and which they have to pay inside the Terminal Building before they could drive off their vehicles.