Projects at SXM

Cargo Building:

Installation of Cladding and Phase 1 Repairs; and the installation of cladding or plank profiles onto the wall panels of the facade due to multiple damages caused by Hurricane Irma & Maria.

Goddard Catering:

Goddard Catering will be relocated from its’ current airport location to the La Terrasse building of Sonesta Maho Resort. There will be a loading dock and truck parking area for this catering facilities to be finalized.

Air Traffic Services Facility:

Fire suppression system; New Installation Training room and upgrade existing suppression system.

FBO Renovation & Expansion Project:

Renovation of the west half of the ground floor for departing passengers and the east half of the ground floor for the arriving passengers; There will also be an expansion of the current Fixed Based Operations with the construction of level 1 offices.

Rescue and Firefighting Department Building – New:

The newly proposed Rescue and Firefighting Department Building will house five (5) crash tenders. The new design will be able to withstand 185 Mph wind speed.

Rescue and Firefighting Department Building – Repair of Current Operations:

Temporary repairs are ongoing for the damaged Rescue and Firefighting Department building.

Terminal Building Reconstruction:

The Package Two Reconstruction process includes the following: - Level -1 Hold baggage Screening areas; - Level 0 the Check-in area /Airline offices (partially); - Level 1 Departure area with Passenger Boarding Bridges and Level 2 Airlines-, Executive offices and mechanical rooms (partially).