Sponsorship info

We identify two types of sponsorships; Commercial sponsorships and Non-Profit/Community Activities.

If you are interested in applying for sponsorship from SXM Airport please consider the criteria provided below, before submitting a request for sponsorship.

The Following are sponsorships we Don't consider:

  • Political, partisan or sectarian associations;
  • Direct support for individuals.


  • SXM Airport also reserves the right to decline a request with no valid reason, based on past experiences with the parties involved or based on our available budget.
  • All requests will also be judged based on their completeness, accuracy and merit.
  • Do take note that the requests take 8 weeks to process and are subject to corporate approval.
  • You must provide accurate contact details as this would be the contact details we will be contacting you with!
  • Requests for partnership/yearly requests must be submitted by November 31st of the year prior!

If you are interested in applying for an SXM Airport sponsorship, please visit our Sponsorship Submission form.

Commercial sponsorships:

We consider commercial sponsorships which:

  • enhance our brand awareness;
  • highlight our products and services to relevant target audiences;
  • provide opportunities for corporate hospitality or other marketing exploitation;
  • enhance SXM Airport's reputation;
  • motivate staff.
Commercial sponsorships form a key part of the SXM Airport’s marketing programs and are evaluated against the following:
  • whether the activity complements our brand values;
  • the appropriateness of the target audience/s;
  • the availability of sole sponsorship rights, or exclusivity within the financial services sector;
  • the availability of naming rights;
  • the potential for benefits packages to include branding or signage, publicity, displays, advertising and access to databases;
  • opportunities available to strengthen customer relations and build business relationships;
  • opportunities to add value or benefits to customer and staff (e.g. through complimentary or discounted tickets);
  • the availability of research material or evaluation of the effectiveness of the sponsorship;
  • the risk of controversy and / or the possibility of negative publicity

Non-profit or community activities:

SXM Airport has specific focus areas mainly within Education, Hospitality and Community Care which we support.

We consider non-profit or community activities which:

  • bring a lasting benefit to the local community;
  • communicate and reinforce SXM Airport 's commitment to the community;
  • enhance SXM Airport‘s reputation as a public-spirited organization;
  • motivate staff through opportunities for direct involvement where possible.

Non-profit / Community activities are evaluated against the following:
  • the public reputation of the recipients of support (the organization should have a positive public image);
  • the potential for the support to secure public awareness;
  • qualifications against the SXM Airport's Brand Values;
  • allow for a long term involvement;

Requirements for Event Promo /sponsorship

If your request for sponsorship is approved these are what we would require from you:

  • A full event report/magazine within 30 days after the event. Report should include amount and type of attended target audience, amount of persons reached via marketing efforts and any other added value and benefit for SXM Airport.
  • A report after the event detailing the event
  • Our name featured on promo items, flyers, posters, website, etc
  • If you requested sponsorship from any other company/organization please inform us so as to avoid conflict of interest issues.
  • That our promo material (promo video, banner(s), teardrops) are hung in a prime visible location at the venue (at entrance, stage, etc). – to be discussed and agreed on approval.
  • Our logo* appears on the event website, hyperlinked to our site at www.sxmairport.com.
  • Our logo on registration forms/event materials/ event shirts
  • That SXM Airport is mentioned as a sponsor via PA announcements at the event.
  • If any additional promo material/graphics are needed from SXM airport, please contact mcd@sxmairport.com a minimum of 30 days prior to the deadline/ date of the event.
*NOTE: A variety of our logos can be downloaded from our Logos page on our site. Please feel free to use whichever one you prefer. Please make sure to use them in accordance to our logo guidelines!