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SXM Airport’s Fixed Based Operations (FBO) was officially handed over to the main private jet handlers –TLC and Arrindell Aviation. The sheer uniqueness of an airport in the region that has a dedicated building for private jet operations explains why SXM Airport remains in the lead of the aviation industry. The FBO building is an upscale facility that caters to passengers who demand, and or willing to pay for special service.

The FBO building is located west of the airport terminal; the building also has its own entrance from the Airport Boulevard. We are ideally located to provide a top quality service to operators who regularly use our airport for their private and charter operations. As passengers are picked up from their aircraft by the handlers, they only have a short distance to walk from airside to landside and vice versa.

The building is divided in two sections, to facilitate comfortable operations by two handlers. TLC’s offices are in the western part of the building; Arrindell Aviation Services uses the south eastern side. Entrances/exits for private jet passengers are on the north landside and south side. Both companies have lounges for their passengers; there are also lounges for the private aircraft crews. There is also a facility for immigration and luggage handling in the FBO facility.

The building not only sets SXM Airport apart as an airport, but also hints at St. Maarten’s appreciation of the importance of the private jet industry. St. Maarten handles hundreds of private and corporate jets every year, with a peak in the Christmas season.

SXM Airport recognizes the importance of the private jet industry to St. Maarten and is committed to provide the services this high end industry requires.
The facility has definitely improved the handling of private jets and is ready to serve you.

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