Terms and Conditions

  1. Use of the membership constitutes acceptance of the Soualiga Lounge Membership Terms and Conditions. The Soualiga Lounge membership card, or proof of purchase of one-day or one-time memberships (vouchers, to be issued by airlines, tour operators, hotels etc.), hereinafter both will be referred to as Soualiga Lounge membership card, are for the exclusive use of the person whose name is imprinted on the front of the card (in case of an individual or corporate membership card) and are not transferable or refundable. Membership allows admittance to Soualiga Lounge. The Soualiga Lounge membership card is required for admittance to the Soualiga Lounge. You must show your membership card to the host or hostess each time you enter.
  2. A member may bring immediate family members (family members are restricted to one adult and minor dependants) or one guest as his/her guest(s) into the Soualiga Lounge, provided that Princess Juliana International Airport operating company N.V. (PJIAE), at its sole discretion, determines that adequate space and conditions exist. Guests' privileges apply only when the visitor(s) accompany the member. Immediate family members are defined as persons residing in the same household as the member, including childcare and healthcare providers. Guest privileges are subject to Soualiga Lounge Terms and Conditions. No guests are permitted with a one-day or one-time admission membership.
  3. Attire and conduct in the Soualiga Lounge must be in keeping with good taste and a dignified atmosphere. Tank tops, T-shirts, thong sandals and other inappropriate attire will not be permitted. Smoking is not permitted. Pets are not permitted, with the exception of guide-dogs or support dogs. Memberships will be terminated for inappropriate conduct including but not limited to conduct that is disruptive, abusive or violent or for non-compliance with the membership Terms and Conditions. The card is property of PJIAE and must be returned upon request or demand.
  4. Soualiga Lounge members must be at least 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed access into the Soualiga Lounge without being accompanied by a supervising adult. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to anyone less than 18 years of age. Food and beverages may not be brought into the Soualiga Lounge. Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the Soualiga Lounge.
  5. Soualiga Lounge facilities may be used only in conjunction with same-day ticketed air travel from Princess Juliana International Airport. The Soualiga Lounge is not to be used for groups.
  6. The cost of one (1) one-day membership may be credited toward the cost of a one-year membership if purchased within 30 days of the one-day membership purchase and the original proof of purchase (voucher receipt) is submitted with a completed application.
  7. PJIAE reserves the right to revise its Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to members. Soualiga Lounge members will not be compensated, monetarily or otherwise, for the temporary or permanent closure of the Soualiga Lounge facility, for a change in policy or for termination of membership for failure to follow Soualiga Lounge Terms and Conditions.