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Princess Juliana International Airport provides update on rebuilding project. New departure hall ready for passengers november 1st 2023

Simpson Bay, St. Maarten (28 August 2023) - The Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company N.V. (PJIAE) is delighted to share an update about the airport’s reconstruction project which commenced back in September 2021 and is now in its final stages.

The new Departure Hall is taking its final form, and its impressive interior design is coming to light. The architectural elements that were once confined to blueprints and renderings are now beautifully translated into a brand-new and state-of-the art airport environment.

The recent milestone in the completion of the departure hall is the new terrazzo flooring which is almost finished now. It gives the new departure hall a modern and sophisticated look. In addition to the stunning terrazzo floor, the airport has also installed new elevators. The new elevators have been thoughtfully integrated into the terminal’s lay-out to optimize passenger flow and easy navigation through the airport’s terminal building.

Starting in October, arriving passengers can expect to be welcomed in a newly built Temporary Arrival Facility (TAF), which will be equipped with all necessary amenities and services, including immigration counters, a baggage claim area, and customs facilities. The groundwork for this temporary facility has already started. The airport management has meticulously planned the relocation process to ensure maximum safety, minimal disruption, and inconvenience to travelers. Clear signage, airport staff, and additional resources will be available to guide passengers through the various facilities at the airport.

The reconstructed terminal building will be opened in a phased approach, with each phase focusing on specific areas to ensure seamless airport operations throughout the project.

The first phase involves the completion of the state-of-the-art departure hall. The new Departure Hall, including new airport stores, is set to open by November 1st, 2023, and will feature cutting- edge amenities, spacious waiting areas, advanced security checkpoints, and streamlined boarding processes.

Next on the list is the Check-in Hall, which will open in December 2023. The Check-in Hall, with a keen focus on passenger comfort and convenience, incorporates modern technologies and design principles to create a seamless check-in process and an inviting environment for travelers.

Following the completion of the Departure – and Check-in Halls, the attention will shift to the second phase, which will be the construction of an upgraded Arrival Hall. The new Arrival Hall will provide a welcoming space for passengers, offering improved baggage handling systems, efficient immigration and customs processes, and enhanced passenger facilities. This phase aims to optimize the passenger flow and ensures a seamless transition from the aircraft to the terminal. Construction of the Arrival Hall is anticipated to be finalized by the second quarter in 2024, in time for summer travel.

Throughout the finalization of the project, PJIAE remains committed to minimizing disruptions for its employees, travelers, and other airport community members. Careful planning and coordination will be undertaken to ensure that construction activities do not hinder the airport’s operations and that passengers continue to enjoy a seamless travel experience.

The phased approach to rebuilding the new terminal reflects PJIAE’s dedication to upgrade towards world-class airport standards while adapting to the evolving needs of the aviation industry. This transformative project aims to position the airport as a hub of convenience, comfort, and efficiency, allowing passengers to travel with ease and confidence beyond the Caribbean region.

The Management of the Princess Juliana International Airport would like to extend its gratitude to all for their continued understanding and cooperation as we prepare to Reopen with Excellence.