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SXM Airport Goes Green With New Irrigation and Landscaping Projects

SXM’s ongoing beautification, part of “airport’s policy of caring for the environment.” (SXM Airport photo)

SIMPSON BAY, St. Maarten (Tuesday, August 5, 2014) - With two projects being executed simultaneously, the Princess Juliana International Airport, SXM, has embarked upon the greening of the grounds surrounding its premises.

The first, an upgraded and more efficient and cost-saving irrigation system, is set to be completed by the end of August. The project began mid-June after an invited bidding process. Of the three companies that submitted bids, Rollfix was selected to carry out the work, which include the building of a pump station and beautification of the green area outside the Terminal Building with seating.

The pump station will capture rainwater that will be stored in an underground cistern, and used to irrigate the flora surrounding the airport premises. After the completion of the pump station, the existing irrigation system will be revamped to retrieve water from the underground cistern as opposed to the previous connection to GEBE. This will result in a significant decrease in water consumption and will also provide substantial savings for the company.  

As is already noticeable, SXM has been improving and beautifying its surroundings by way of a new landscaping project. Wilco NV was awarded the contract after an invited bidding process, and the works, which initially began back in 2013, will be carried out in phases.

The project involves planting, pruning, trimming, watering, and cleaning of the entire area surrounding the airport terminal. This landscaping project is expected to be completed next year. The project includes a new design, new palm trees and new soil, resulting in a healthier-looking landscape. This was necessary to enhance the exterior of the airport premises and replace some of the trees that had begun to die.

Also, the area needed a new design to reflect the rebranded image of the airport. Wilco NV will be responsible for the maintenance of the grounds once the project is completed. According to SXM Special Projects Coordinator, Robert Brown, the airport has been getting “very good feedback” so far.  

“These projects are in accordance with the airport’s policy of caring for the environment,” Brown said. “It’s in keeping with our decision to go green as much as possible. Take a look at it, even now you can already see a big difference,” he added.