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Safety and Security Workshop starts at SXM Airport

The Quality Assurance team at the Safety and Security workshop, as they Manager of the Quality Assurance, Connally Connor addresses the attendees.

Bay, St. Maarten (June 2, 2021) – The Quality Assurance Department of the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) executed a Safety and Security workshop at the aviation-based organization. The syllabus on safety and safety management includes four (4) modules which comprise Safety Management System, Airside Safety, Security Procedures, and Fire Safety.

The mandatory gathering is held every two (2) years for all employees and associated stakeholders at the Airport.

According to the Manager of the Quality Assurance and Chairman of the COVID-19 Taskforce, Connally Connor, this Safety and Security workshop comes at the period of the untimely coronavirus, but PJIAE N.V. is continually arming our resilient team with the knowledge of prevention and lifesaving safety patterns. Participants are forbidden to undertake any tasks on the airside without having undertaken the orientation program and the workshop.

The Management Board of the PJIAE N.V. at the Safety and Security workshop.

“Training and developing employee’s skills and work habits is the strategic focus of our Safety Management System (SMS). This is possible because every person in the organization, from the Chief Executive Officer down, believes that increased knowledge and skill makes staff and stakeholders more productive, attentive, and safe in their workplace and thus less susceptible to accidents. Staff when they are educated about safety, they aware of identifying hazards and how to analyse the associated risk at the airport and they better comprehend how they can carry out a task safely.

PJIAE N.V. is committed to the challenge to educate all the Airport’s internal and external employees about safety by emphasizing what safety means to the employee, their jobs, and how it benefits the passengers, customers, and organization,” the Quality Manager summarized.