Security Requirements

There have been enhancements to security measures at airports around the world. In light of these changes, the following information is designed to help you prepare for your trip. Safety and Security are top priorities at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA).

Travelers at PJIA should be aware that the security screening process now requires more time. Please contact your airline to be informed how much time you need at PJIA before your departure.

We recommend limiting carry-on luggage to one piece. The following items are not allowed in your carry-on luggage on board the aircraft and will be confiscated by Airport security:
(Pocket) Knives, cutting instruments, firearms, ice picks, razor blades, scissors, torch cigarette lighters, lighter fluid, compressed gas cartridges, matches, metallic nail files, nail polish remover, golf club, sporting equipment, solvents, fuels, pesticides, cooking oil.

Please note that aforementioned list is not all-inclusive.
Items that can be considered to present a potential threat may also be prohibited. For more information please visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

New rules on what is permitted in hand-luggage have taken effect as of November 6, 2006. For more information on liquid gels banned on US bound flights, visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

We advise you to always travel with a valid passport or government issued ID. Please be prepared to show your ID as well as boarding cards at each stage of the boarding process. Please report any unattended luggage anywhere in the airport to the airport security.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry a needle and/or syringe on your person in your carry on luggage, you must also have the medication that requires such injection on your person. The medication must be packed with a pharmaceutical label or professionally printed label identifying the medication.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us make the system safe and effective for every traveler.